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Our Investment Process

We have structured our investment process to deliver clear guidance and genuine flexibility. It allows us to design tailored strategies to match individual financial circumstances, investment objectives and risk appetite. This process creates a strong yet flexible framework for our investment professionals to work together, sharing ideas and challenging each other’s views. It is constantly evolving and we continue to invest in the resources required to ensure it remains robust.

Our investment professionals draw on the outcome of an investment committee which covers strategic asset allocation, investment selection, investment performance monitoring and corporate governance. The investment committee meets regularly to discuss the investment environment and any opportunities and risks that have been identified.

We are fully aware that the success of an investment portfolio lies a lot in its foundation. Hence, we lay much emphasis on understanding the needs, constraints and risk appetite of our investors. It is then only that an investment solution will fully contribute to achieving the desired financial objectives of an investor.

We also believe in clear and straightforward communication with our investors. We remain transparent in our portfolio valuation methodology and reporting process.